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Star Systems
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Incredible and extremely rare quadruple star system with four bright blue stars.  A fifth, sun-like star of the same name was once thought to be part of the system, later it was discovered that the fifth star was much older and just happened move within a few thousand AU of the blue stars in its galactic orbit.  A earth-like world orbits the older sun-like star, baked by radiation from the nearby suns the ozone layer has disappeared and is now in a period of mass extinction.






Jabru’s primary planet orbits the relatively bright, F-class sun. The majority of the planets surface is covered in a expansive, rocky desert, scorched by the intense sun. Moving forwards the poles, the sun’s radiation and heat weaken, the planet greens as the desert transitions into savannas, prairies, and meadows.






Jaden's primary planet is a cold, icy world, sitting under the bright light of the A-class sun.  The system was settled by prospectors from the Sargas Region, looking to extract valuable minerals from the below the primary planet's icy surface.  The planet is partially habitable in certain regions.






The primary planet of the Jamaina system has been occasionally viewed as a candidate for large scale colonization.  The planet is covered in a global ocean, with a dense atmosphere and thick humidity.  Intense typhoon storms and high winds consistently bombard the surface, as the planet is essentially under a constant state of storm conditions.





Jane Eden

The most well known fact about Jane Eden is that its the closest inhabited system to the star Betelgeuse.  Betelgeuse is the ultimate celestial object in the skies of the Jane Eden planets, a point of light that shines brighter than a full moon on Earth.  The system's primary planet has had a peaceful existence in a corner of the sometimes tumultuous Betelgeuse Region.






The Jericho System is a junction system that connects the Acrux/Agena Region with the Canopus Region.  The system sits at the outskirts of the Acux/Agena Region, despite it's remote location, a large, significant population has grown on the surface of the system's primary planet.






The Johara System's primary world is a planet with a developing ecosystem similar to an early Earth.  Life has started to thrive in the planets oceans, as well as on the land areas algae and lichens have began to grow.






The primary planet of the Judsonia System is a mineral rich world whose surface is covered in deserts and sprawling mountain ranges.  The planet has limited surface water, with only around 10% of the surface covered in water, which is located entirely in inland seas near the polar regions. 






Juno is an important trade junction that connects the Pleiades Region with the Hyades Region.  The system and it's primary planet have been established as a trade center between those regions.  Juno's primary planet's surface is covered in a mixture of mountains and deserts






The primary planet of the Juvestas System has long been a military manufacturing stronghold.  Multiple large arms manufacturers have called Juvestas home, military weapons have been the planet's primary export.  As a manufacturing center, Juvesta has grown one of the larger populations in the Fornax Region



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