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Madidus is a world where the surface bombarded with solar radiation from the brutal A-class sun.  The planet's entire population reside on the south pole, directly over an underground lake.  Water is extracted from the ground into pumping stations and distributed throughout the polar region.







The primary planet of the Magikus System is a world known for it's colorful forests.  The planet's diverse plant life contains a variety of chlorophyll colors including greens, blues, and reds.  These colors stretch across of the planet's landscape creating various splashes of color covering the planet's surface.






The Manasaris system contains four planets and lies in the Betelgeuse Region.  Originally settled as a colony of Hyadia, Manasaris was one of the first systems settled outside the Hyades cluster.  Today there is a large population here.








During the first surveys of the Mangalo's primary planet, the world seemed like a tropical paradise. A warm ocean covered the world dotted with chains of small islands. Little else was known about the planet, it was discovered nearly a century later when the first settlers arrived, that the planet was coming out of an ice age and its climate was rapidly changing.







Marcell sits in a strategic location between the Fornax, Betelgeuse, Canopus, and Hyades Regions.  The system has always been an important junction for those traveling between the various regions.  Marcell's planet's were seen to contain little benefit, until deeper surveys revealed large deposits of valuable metals existed on the inner most world. 






Marco-Darmus's primary world named Maximina was the first planet successfully colonized by the group which would later be known as the Orion Alliance.  Overcrowding had become a major issue in the nearby Azarus System.  When it was discovered that Maximina had a habitable atmosphere, millions of Azarians migrated there.






The planet Maze is a Jungle world orbiting an orange K-class star in the Capricorn Region.  Settled by freed slaves from the planet Corpius, this world has long been a symbol of freedom and anti-slavery.






The primary planet of the Meditrina system is a water covered world that's common throughout the galaxy, the planet contains almost exactly half of Earth's mass.  Strong winds blow across the planet wide ocean creating large waves.  Enclosed cities dot the surface sitting above the vicious ocean.






Megaris has always been a commonly traversed system, often being the first jump out of the Hyades Region.  A small group of traders eventually decided to colonize system's the innermost world, a fairly dry world whose surface is covered in 40% water. .







Meredith is a system in the Spica Region.  Planet Meredith has very little appeal, the surface is covered in flat grasslands.  Despite the wet and rainy climate, the planet is not suited for agriculture, very little, other than the native grasses can grow in the hard soil.  Major cities are few and far between on the planet, most of the surface is covered.







The primary planet of the Mertus System is a habitable terrestrial world.  The planet's surface is covered in just 10% water.  The land areas which sprawl over the majority of the surface are made up of a mixture of deserts, tundra, and endless grasslands.






The Minelauva System's primary world is a dry desert planet baked under the bright red giant sun.  Vast deserts stretch across the surface with a small ocean containing the last remaining water, sitting over the south pole.






The Minos System has always been an important junction system connecting numerous systems in the Hyades Region.  The system's primary planet is a cold, frozen world home to a small population.






The primary planet of the Minotaurus System is a dry, resource rich world.  The planet lured early settlers from throughout the Hyades Region, despite its less than ideal environment.  The planet is rich in valuable metals and minerals, helping the world grow into a power in the Hyades Region






The primary planet of the Minso System is a cool, partially habitable, terrestrial world.  Limited regions, near the equator and in lower altitudes can be habitable for humans.  Though outside of those limited, habitable pockets, the majority of the planet's surface is a cold, dusty desert lacking any life.





Mirachian Prime

Mirachian Prime is the center of the Mirach Region. The system’s primary planet is the region’s economic and technological capital. Home to an important society, Mirachian Prime has grown into one of the Inner Sphere’s powers. Mirachian Prime’s primary planet is a habitable terrestrial world that’s covered in 70% water






Mustavo is an isolated system sitting far from any wormhole.  The primary planet of the system is a barren world known for its terrible dust storms.  The system also has a gas giant that orbits close to the parent star.





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