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Q1 Eridani

Q1 Eridani is a fairly young f-class star orbited by three worlds.  A gas giant that has similar mass to Jupiter was discovered in 2003 orbiting the star at 2.1 AUs.  A partially livable planet orbits on the inside of the habitable zone.







The Qasavara System's primary planet was home to a population of indigenous human tribes. Over a thousand years the tribes were left untouched until explorers from Fornax Region, drawn by the planet's vast supplies of natural resources, started to colonize the tropical world.






The Quandra System's primary planet was first settled by religious pilgrims who were traveling through the Achernar Region. They viewed the harsh planet as a temporary stop, though the desert world quickly claimed the lives of the majority.  The few survivors from the group lived on the world in isolation for over a century.






The Quanta system is located in an isolated part of the inner sphere.  Despite the system's isolation and significant population has grown on the primary world.  The planet is known for having vicious windstorms.







The Queenhaven System orbits a K-class subgiant star.  This system was once fairly normal but as the star brightened with age the system changed.  The first two planets of the system where once earth-like worlds, but have are now lifeless deserts.  Life is beginning to grow on the third planet which is an ice world that is thawing.






Questra was first settled by colonists from Izaria. They discovered the tropical primary planet was a world rich in resources. With a lack of water, along with endless jungles stretching across the surface, the planet struggled to build a large population.



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