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Raines's primary planet is a habitable world settled by migrants primarily from Schemalian Prime.  The planet quickly grew a strong a strong industrial base becoming one of the Schemali Region's manufacturing centers.  The planet's government formed a unique system that guaranteed employment for every resident and migrant that came to the world.






Rama is a system rich in valuable metals and other resources, mostly located in comets in the Oort Cloud and inner asteroid belt.  The system has been heavily mined, while its resources have been extracted and exported to other worlds, systems, and locations throughout the Izar Region and Inner Sphere.







The primary planet of the Rand System was isolated from the rest of the Inner Sphere. The people locked themselves on the world, separating the population from the other worlds in the Izar Region. The system has only recently started to open itself up to the other Inner Sphere worlds.







The primary planet of the Rathe system is a terrestrial world with a carbon dioxide atmosphere.  The surface in continuous dry desert, its most noticeable feature is large chasm that cuts its way across the flat surface.  The atmosphere contains very little oxygen meaning its inhabits need breathing apparatuses to survive.






Rathien's primary planet is a unique world, nearly it's entire surface is covered in a barren desert.  The planet's entire supply of surface water is located in a single, inland sea that cuts like a scar in the crust, running north to south.  The entirety of planet's life exists huddled around the sea.






The primary planet of the Rayne System is is a habitable, terrestrial world, with little surface water located in a complex system of rivers and channels.  The planet is covered in deep coniferous forests that transition into deciduous in the lower latitudes.






The primary planet of the Redlands System is a cool desert world.  The dry planet has deep system of canyons and underground caves, which cut through the surface of the planet.  Groups of scientists where the Redlands' first colonists, looking to study the complex system of caverns.






Redradge's primary planet is a terrestrial world that was once rich in valuable metals.  Extensive mining operations extracted much of the planet's treasured resources.  They were carried out with little regard for the planet's environment, which was poisoned with sulfur gasses and arsenic.






During much of it's early history, Reichling's primary planet was viewed as a quiet, backwater world.  A primitive agricultural world with a small population.  That changed when extensive surveys of the planet were conducted, they revealed deep veins of profitable minerals existed below the surface.






Reinholder is a cold, dry world orbiting a yellow/white f-class star.  The planets surface has two small oceans with most of the land covered in desert.  High winds blow large dust and ice storms that can cover large sections of the planet.  The planets economy is based on factories that build anti-matter weapons.






The primary planet of the Relstope System is a partially habitable world used primarily for mining.  The planet is home to variety of rare minerals that have been heavily mined from deep beneath the surface.  The minerals are mined, refined, and exported to other worlds in the Hyades Region.






Reyhome's primary planet is a warm, humid world with a thick atmosphere.  The planet become the prime beneficiary of overcrowding in the nearby Azarus system.  As Azarus system quality of life began to suffer, millions looked to escape that world in search of a new home, Reyhome was the prime candidate





Rho Coronae Borealis

The Rho Coronae Borealis System is one of the older systems in the galaxy.  Today the system still has a large and thriving population unlike many of the systems in the inner region.  Planet B and the system’s kuiper belt were first discovered in the 21st century, and planet c was theorized for a long time before being proven.  Two Earth-like moons orbit around planet c; this is where most of population lives.





Rho Indi

Rho Indi is orbited by a gas giant at the outer edges of the habitable zone. Dispute a distance from the sun that gives the planet Mars-like temperatures, it does have a habitable moon. Tidal heating and greenhouses gases help give the moon more comfortable, Earth-like temperatures.






Rhoden's primary planet is home to a large, flying vertebrate called the Tigacanis.  The Tigacanis is a massive creature weighing over 300 kilograms (650 lbs.) with a wingspan of 20 meters (65 feet).  With its razor sharp claws and teeth, the semi-intelligent creature would attack early colonists in groups.






The primary planet of the Rondo System is a large water covered world. Various floating cities are spread across the vast ocean. Rondo was one of the first worlds to pioneer the technology of cities that float on water. Floating platforms are used as a base, buildings are then constructed on top of them.






Ronian’s primary planet is located under an intense, f-class star. The planet’s surface is covered in a mixture of rock and simple plants including mosses and ferns. The plants are rapidly expanding across the surface, which will likely trigger an ice age along with a mass extinction event.






Rotanev’s primary planet orbits the smaller star in the close binary system. The planet is relatively dry with an semi-arid to arid climate over much of the surface. The planet’s thick atmosphere insulates the surface from the radiation from the two suns.  Initially a few colonies grew into numerous large cities spread across the planet






Runeworld is a cloud covered world in the Izar Region.  Hidden under thick sulfur clouds sits a small population of 1 million people.  The warm dry world once housed some of the galaxies worst criminals.  The planet was one of the last places anyone wanted to go.  Eventually the prisons were closed down and the world began to change its image.






The city Rupelaville is built on a active supervolcano caldera on the planet Rupel.  The planets entire population live inside the city.  The city is powered by the extreme geothermal energy of the caldera, which also warms up the region creating a green oasis in the frozen landscape of the rest of the planet.  The city contains a neo-gothic architecture to all of its buildings.







Ryana's primary planet is a humid, warm, earthlike world.  When the first settlers arrived they found a world covered in dense forests, as the forests were cut down rich soil for farmland was revealed.  A recent ice age had covered most of the planet glaciers, when the ice age ended the glaciers disappeared leaving behind nutrient rich soil.






Ryron's primary planet is a water covered world whose only land areas are few small island chains.  The islands are extremely rocky and contain very little vegetation, they are often bombarded by intense storms and wind.  These conditions make Ryron impossible for any large scale colonization.




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