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Yamine is a multiple planet system orbiting a yellow g-class star in the Izar Region.  The system is known as the birthplace of the Ghostarian Religion.


The Ghostarians believe in the reincarnation of interstellar spirits.  According to the beliefs, all life is interconnected through these immortal spirits.  Yamine's government, politics, and life are all based heavily around the teachings of the Ghostarian Religion.

The primary world of the Yamine System is a mysterious world, hidden under a permanent layer of clouds.  The planet's religious based government has isolated the world from the rest of the inner sphere, rarely allowing outside visitors onto the surface.


Those who have visited the world find a technologically advanced and quickly growing society.  Though most technology is only allowed be used by a select few, with the majority of the population living in squalor.

System: Yamine

Primary Star: HD 113863

Stellar Type: G5V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance from Earth: 222 ly

Constellation: Ursa Major

Region: Izar

Population: 300-600 Million


Yamine Planets

Yamine B
A atmosphereless terrestrial world orbiting close the the sun.  The surface of the planet is composed primarily of borax and iron.  A recent volcanic period has left deposits of sulfur on the surface.

Distance: 0.55 AU

Orbit: 149 days

Temp: 342 K

Mass: 0.36 Earth

Radius: 5003 km

Gravity: 0.58 g

Rotation: 109 hours


Yamine C
The primary world of the Yamine System is an mysterious and secluded world.  A thick layer of clouds obscure the planet, allowing no parts of the surface to be viewed from space.  The religious based government has isolated the planet by rarely allowing outside visitors.

Distance: 0.87 AU

Orbit: 297 days

Temp: 272 K

Mass: 1.84 Earth

Radius: 8366 km

Gravity: 1.07 g

Rotation: 22 hours


Yamine D
Yamine D is the third planet in the Yamine system.  The planet is composed mostly of silicate rock and water ice, with traces of chlorine.  The planet is a frozen ice world whose surface is too cold for water to exist in liquid form.

Distance: 3.01 AU

Orbit: 5.2 years

Temp: 146 K

Mass: 1.02 Earth

Radius: 7268 km

Gravity: 0.78 g

Rotation: 30 hours



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