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YZ Ceti


YZ Ceti is a small red dwarf star orbited by two planets, the star is located close to Tau Ceti (less than 2 light years away).  YZ Ceti is a flare star that undergoes intense fluctuations in luminosity. 

The primary world orbits the star less than 0.1 AU away and is tidally locked.  The planet has a somewhat mild climate located in the star's narrow habitable zone.  Despite the temperature the planet is inhospitable to humans due its carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere, and the flares from the sun.  The planet's entire population live in three enclosed cities on the dayside.

System: YZ Ceti

Primary Star: Luyten 725-32

Stellar Type: M4V ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance: 12.13 ly

Constellation: Cetus

Mass (Sol): 0.08

Region: Inner


YZ Ceti Planets

YZ Ceti B
Tidally locked to the small star, planet B always shows the same side to the sun.  Overall the planet is dry, with a frozen night side and a vast desert on the dayside.  Despite a fairly temperate overall temperature, the planet is incapable of supporting large colonies due to intense flares from the sun.  The planet also has an unbreathable carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere. 

Distance: 0.058 AU

Orbit: 18 days

Temp: 240 K

Mass: 0.76 Earth

Radius: 5995 km

Gravity: 0.85 g

Rotation: -


YZ Ceti C
Planet C is located close to star just under 0.2 AU away.   The parent star is so small that even being this close to it, the planet is completely frozen.  The planet's surface is composed of iron oxide with trace amounts of water ice.

Distance: 0.188 AU

Orbit: 105 days

Temp: 115 K

Mass: 0.06 Earth

Radius: 2871 km

Gravity: 0.31 g

Rotation: 89 hours



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