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Yed Prior


Yed Prior is a red giant orbited by three planets located in the outer regions of the Spica Region.  With 1.5 times Sol mass, Yed Prior was once an F-class star that has evolved off the main sequence.


The systems primary world is in its last stages of being habitable, as the sun is quickly growing larger.  The planet's cities and population are centered around the last remaining ocean, which was once spread across the majority of the planet during the star's early red giant stage.

System: Yed Prior

Primary Star: δ Ophiuchi

Stellar Type: M1III ☼

Companion Star(s): None

Distance: 170 ly

Constellation: Ophiuchus

Mass (Sol): 1.5

Region: Spica

Population: 100 Million


Yed Prior Planets

Caldus is the closest planet to the red giant Yed Prior.  The planet once had a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide, though there is little evidence that planet ever had liquid water on its surface.  When Yed Prior grew into a red giant, the sun blew the atmosphere away.

Distance: 3.63 AU

Orbit: 5.6 years

Temp: 540 K

Mass: 2.30 Earth

Radius: 8466 km

Gravity: 1.30 g

Rotation: 73 hours


Solitude is the habitable world in the Yed Prior system.  The planet has seen incredible changes over its recent geological history.  Changes included going from a surface covered in ice to a large ocean world, and now as the ocean has receded leaving behind a large desert.  The population is bundled in cities around the last remaining large body of water.

Distance: 10.9 AU

Orbit: 29.3 years

Temp: 302 K

Mass: 1.31 Earth

Radius: 7140 km

Gravity: 1.06 g

Rotation: 40 hours


Orbis is a hydrogen/helium gas giant with an extensive ring system.  The planet was once a frozen world at the outer edge of the system.  The planet has been warming as the red giant sun has grown larger.

Distance: 19.2 AU

Orbit: 84.4 years

Temp: 217 K

Mass: 1.21 Jupiter

Radius: 63,990 km

Gravity: 3.83 g

Rotation: 11 hours



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